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Welcome to the MeatMen’s inter-web portal… it’s like stepping back in time and discovering the true old-world style of creating salami and sausages. We pride ourselves on using only heritage breed meats, organic spices, and locally sourced wines in our salami to achieve distinct, old-world flavors and textures that only come from a cold fermentation process.

All of our salami and sausages are handcrafted in small batches, nitrate free, antibiotic free, and without the use of added hormones. From the first bite, you will taste the time and craftsmanship that goes into producing uniquely delicious salami and sausages.

Quality Ingredients

  • We utilize high quality ingredients and do not compromise our values. Meatmen products diverge from other salami by employing an old-world, cold fermentation process which provides the full flavor of heritage pork and organic fair trade spices.

    Artisan dry sausages are hand formed and hung for a six week slow drying process. Without the use of nitrates and celery juice powders, sea salt is used to achieve the natural and unadulterated traditional cure for which there is no substitute. It’s slow food, and the flavor comes from the process.

    Our salami are the ideal accompaniment to seasonal raw fruit, veggies, hearth bread, and cheeses. We put our Meatmen twist on traditional recipes from around the globe to deliver the most flavorful salami imaginable.

  • We believe that a truly great sausage begins with top heritage pork breeds, high quality grains, and sustainable farming. This is why we have chosen environmentally conscious Vande Rose Farms as the source of our Duroc pork, which is raised humanely without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. These standard practices ensure the continued quality of pork for generations to come. We have chosen the Duroc breed for its renowned juicy tenderness and marbled meat. 

    The result… it simply tastes better.

  • In addition to the finest quality pork, we use nothing but the highest quality salt and spices to produce a premium product. We sustainably source our organic spices from a fair trade purveyor, Mountain Rose Herbs. We then add pure Sonoma sea salt to achieve a fresh flavor that comes through with extraordinary crispness in a dry sausage. Our unradiated organic spices are ground

    on-site to ensure optimal quality. Finally, we add just a touch of locally sourced wine in each of our salami to give them even more flavor!

  • We slowly ferment our salami at a low temperature for up to six weeks to develop and enhance the full flavor of our heritage breed pork. The long drying time allows for certain natural reactions to take place inside the meat, resulting in a slightly tangy, delicious, and shelf-stable product.

  • While the use of nitrates, nitrites, and celery juice powders would decrease the time it takes to produce our salami, due to health risks linked to the use of these chemical compounds, we have opted to dry-age our salamis using only Sonoma sea salt. We have also found that the use of sodium nitrate compromises the tangy flavor which can only be achieved from the natural fermentation process, thus diminishing the eating experience. Simply put, our nitrate-free salami and sausages are filled with wonderful pork and spices for an explosively succulent flavor you will enjoy in every slice.

  • We use natural casings that take on a remarkable appearance when cooked, smoked, and of course, fermented. It takes more finesse and artisan skill to handle natural casings.

  • Our salami are often covered with a varying degree of both white mold (penicillin nalviogense), and blue/green mold (penicillin glaucum). Both are harmless strains, similar to the molds found on cheese. We believe this mold only enhances the unique, fermented flavor. However, it may also be easily removed by using a clean, dry kitchen brush, or by peeling away the casing.  

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