Learn Frequently Asked Questions

Learn Frequently Asked Questions


  • Yes. We make all our salami and sausages by hand in San Diego, California.

  • All of our salami and sausage are free of egg, fish, soy, gluten, tree nut, and peanut.

  • All pork comes from Vande Rose Farms in Iowa. Iowa is located in the corn belt, a landscape rich in agriculture and tradition. The Midwest is an ideal place to farm, with its fertile soil, ample grains, hard-working farm families and beautiful, rural countryside. It’s a 175 year heritage breed Duroc pork known for its rich red color and celebrated for its juicy, tender, flavorful meat. These championship pigs are fed 100% vegetarian diet which ensures the health of the pig and the quality of the pork meat. With this said, these pigs are never administered antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products — from the time of birth until harvest.

  • Duroc pork, organic spices, local wine, and Sonoma Sea Salt.

  • We sustainably source our organic spices from a fair trade purveyor, Mountain Rose Herbs, and add pure Sonoma sea salt to achieve a fresh flavor that comes through with an extraordinary crispness in a dry sausage. Our organic spices are not irradiated.  We ground them on-site to ensure optimal quality.

  • We use wines from several local wineries: Vindemia and Hart Winery in the Temecula Valley, Orfila Winery in the San Pasqual Valley, and a few wineries in Sonoma County, CA.

  • Our salami are stuffed in natural beef and hog casings. The fresh sausages are stuffed in hog casings.

  • Our salami hang for 6 to 8 weeks in a cold environment, similar to a cold cave they used thousands of years ago.

  • All salami have dextrose, a superfine sugar. We use the minimal amount of dextrose possible for fermentation.

  • We use the minimal amount of salt required which is 3%.


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