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  • Yes. We make all our salami and sausages by hand in San Diego, California.

  • We do not use nitrates, nitrites or celery juice powders.

  • All of our salami and sausage are free of egg, fish, soy, gluten, tree nut, and peanut.

  • All pork comes from Vande Rose Farms in Iowa. Iowa is located in the corn belt, a landscape rich in agriculture and tradition. The Midwest is an ideal place to farm, with its fertile soil, ample grains, hard-working farm families and beautiful, rural countryside. It’s a 175 year heritage breed Duroc pork known for its rich red color and celebrated for its juicy, tender, flavorful meat. These championship pigs are fed 100% vegetarian diet which ensures the health of the pig and the quality of the pork meat. With this said, these pigs are never administered antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products — from the time of birth until harvest.

  • Duroc pork, organic spices, local wine, and Sonoma Sea Salt.

  • We sustainably source our organic spices from a fair trade purveyor, Mountain Rose Herbs, and add pure Sonoma sea salt to achieve a fresh flavor that comes through with an extraordinary crispness in a dry sausage. Our organic spices are not irradiated.  We ground them on-site to ensure optimal quality.

  • We use wines from several local wineries: Vindemia and Hart Winery in the Temecula Valley, Orfila Winery in the San Pasqual Valley, and a few wineries in Sonoma County, CA.

  • Nitrates are inorganic compounds found in nature made up of nitrogen and oxygen, NO3 (one nitrogen and three oxygen molecules).

    Both conventional and organic processed meat products rely on nitrates and nitrites for enhanced taste and shelf life. The difference is the source. Conventional processed meats are typically cured with synthetic sources of nitrates and nitrites, such as sodium nitrite. Organic and natural meats typically rely on naturally-occurring sources of nitrates, such as celery juice powders as preservatives.

  • Uncured means we do not add any nitrates or nitrites. Unlike other companies with uncured labeling and using celery juice powders as a form of nitrates, we at the Meatmen do not.

  • Our salami are stuffed in natural beef and hog casings. The fresh sausages are stuffed in hog casings.

  • Our salami hang for 6 to 8 weeks in a cold environment, similar to a cold cave they used thousands of years ago.

  • All salami have dextrose, a superfine sugar. We use the minimal amount of dextrose possible for fermentation.

  • We use the minimal amount of salt required which is 3%.


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