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Ten years ago, two chefs worked side-by-side at one of San Diego’s finest restaurants: Urban Solace. To say they hit it off right away is an understatement. The newfound buddies started experimenting with new and exciting recipes between their long shifts in the bustling kitchen where they flambéed both mussels and each other.

Soon Joshua Zeus Beagle and Albert Jesus Juarez discovered they share a passion for encased meats and would often stay after hours honing their skills curing meats and linking sausages. In short time, the two decided to pursue their dream and formed The Meatmen.

From the start, their USDA plant has produced thousands of pounds of some the finest salami and sausage on the planet. Always made by hand. Always made with care.

The Meatmen have never compromised their dedication to quality by sticking to their ethos of excellence: use only the finest, freshest ingredients available, never use any additives or curing agents, and never quicken the natural process.

The Meatmen are committed to standing by the old-world traditions of using only natural casings, antibiotic free/hormone free pork, Sonoma sea salt, freshly ground organic spices, and the finest sourced wines from California. Since day one, the two partners have become more than friends, they have become family. They are The Meatmen.

Founder Albert Juarez

Growing up in California offers many wonderful things to a child. Beaches, sunshine and a diverse offering of amazing global flavors. With diverse neighborhoods comes diverse cuisine, be it Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, or California fusion, San Diego offered Albert a blank canvas to develop his flavor palate which leads Albert to cook in kitchens throughout San Diego county at a young age. After years of honing his skills in the kitchen, Juarez signed up for culinary school and soon discovered his passion for Charcuterie.

Alberts drive to make the best-cured meats and sausages in the world is undeniable. You can see this by his meticulous attention to detail from sourcing out his ingredients to processing each salami, one by one, all by hand. When Albert is not in the processing room making some of the finest cured meats on the West Coast, he enjoys traveling with his family, exploring new restaurants and wineries, and sourcing out new and exciting flavors for future releases.

Co-Founder Joshua Beagle

For some people, the calling to a career or a passion in life is lucky to happen once. For Josh Beagle, lightning struck twice. First as Josh travelled the world as a professional skateboarder. For 15 years Josh followed his dream as a top skateboard pro, team manager and brand owner, but it was on one of his trips to Europe that Josh discovered a new passion: Artisan meats.

As one career was wrapping up, Josh decided to pursue his passion for fine meats and immersed himself in a new career as a chef. The step was a natural progression for Josh, whose mother was a fine chef herself. “My mom always cooking,” Beagle says. “We never had take-out food back then. She would make biscuits and sausage gravy… always dishing out stick-to-your-ribs meals. I was always excited when she was cooking and always was by her side helping out.”

Josh started on his culinary journey cooking in numerous restaurants in the cajun country of New Orleans, eventually returning to his home in southern California. After ten years of honing his skills, becoming well versed in various culinary styles and fresh international flavors, Josh rediscovered his love for those meats he had tried decades earlier in Europe. “What really got me into sausage and salami making was not knowing how to do it,” Josh said. “Especially the science behind curing meats. After learning how to cook a wonderful meal, this was just an extension of learning and perfecting. It’s my passion.” Once Josh and Albert got together to discuss their shared passion, they knew it was time to join forces and explore the world of charcuterie creating their shared vision under the name, The Meatmen.


Mandy Cook

Mandy works the pantry station at Starlite because she enjoys working with customers. She loves Meatmen salami and has a blast selling it at farmers’ markets.
Salami of Choice: Maverick

Jim Alexander

Jim is a free spirit and known for his sense of humor. Be careful if you see him at the Farmers’ Market because Jim is an excellent salesman. He genuinely enjoys working at the farmers’ market and loves interacting with customers.
Salami of Choice: Naughty Constable

Erin Thompson

Erin sells at the farmers’ markets on the weekends and helps with content writing, photography and video. She is a grad school student and works as an Epidemiology Analyst during the week.
Salami of Choice: Bang Wang

Joseph Abraham

Joseph has been working in the farmers’ markets since graduating college in 2010. He balances his time between his internet marketing business (Techie Design) and working for the Meatmen.
Salami of Choice: Sultry Savage

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